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Custom RENT Google [28 Oct 2006|02:24pm]


Click Me!

You can customize all the links and make it your homepage. If you get lost (or just don't get it) there's also an FAQ.
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[19 Jun 2006|08:35pm]


Hey you guys my name is Chrisii and I am new to this commiunity.

Me and my friend have this rp going on, a kind of prerent thing and we still need a few characters
we need a :

  here is the link the

 only other require ment that you need is that you need to have an aim account

if you have any questions just leave me a comment

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[29 Jun 2005|03:23am]
Hey there,

I just started a community where people in Boston can meet other people from Boston. Surprisingly, there isn't one already dedicated to simply meeting people in our beautiful city. So, I have 0 people signed up, besides myself. Please join. It would make me super happy. And you might end up making a really cool friend, or more.

Thank you and sorry for the advertisement:)

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[27 Mar 2005|09:24pm]

If you could be anyone in rent. Who? Mark

Whos is your fave character? Mark

What is your fave "Scene"? La Vie Boheme & Christmas Bells

What is your fave song? La Vie Boheme A/B

If you could play someone of the opposite sex. Who? Mark

Rent Movie. Yes or No: a bit of both. As RENT tickets are expensive (not counting rushing for tix) it would be cheaper to see the movie (I've seen the musical twice now). And since it's the OBC... except for Mimi and Joanne... the parts, acting-wise and emotion-wise should be on par with the way I see it from the play and the recording.

THOUGH I do not like the idea of taking this amazing musical and sticking it onto film. The film probably won't capture the musical. I do not want people becoming fangirls/fanboys over the movie and not knowing anything about the musical part. I don't want over-marketing either.
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HUGE Somerville house $533- gay man [20 Mar 2005|08:08pm]

If interested in the apartment, I can give you my friends email. This is what he wrote:
Hey y'all,

I am looking for a gay man to fill my spot and join two other gay guys in our huge, wonderful house just a five minute walk from porter square in somerville. Our apartment is the top two floors of a huge house. First floor has a family room which connects to the bar room(yes, I built a bar in it), 2 bedrooms, huge kitchen with pantry, and a nice, clean bathroom.

Going up the stairs you will find off the landing a guest room, and another huge family room. Off of the family room is a private hallway where my bedroom is. Its quite large and unique in shape(some slanted ceilings), 2 windows that let in a lot of light. Newly painted blue walls with grayish white trim. I recently installed a ceiling fan. Wired for internet and cable tv. In the same hallway of my room are two unfinished attic rooms that serve as storage, and in one I have used it as my work space. House has a front and back porch, and a ton of off street parking, and land if you are into gardening or bbq's. Porter square is a 5 minute walk. Davis square a 10-15 minute walk. Quiet residential street, very safe. There is a wicked cool kitten in our house, his name is Kentucky, who is the most awesome cat I've ever met. Short haired, doesn't shed much. No dogs because of the kitten...oh, jeas, Kentuckys dad is over protective, so no cats either.

Can move in pretty much between now and may 1st at the latest. The sooner the better. First and last months rent only. Please be financially secure, sane. Its a chill household...both housemates come and go. Steven is an opera singer and goes to music school. He is always running to rehearsals and class, and lives part time in Rhode Island. He's a real sweetheart. Rob is a computer geek and like the tv shows The Simpsons and Family Guy. He is a great cook and loves making meals for other people.

Email me to come see the place. Again, my housemates only are looking for a gay man. If you have any friends that are looking, please forward this to them.

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[18 Oct 2004|07:11pm]

If you could be anyone in rent. Who? Mimi Marquez

Whos is your fave character? Mark Cohen

What is your fave "Scene"? The RENT scene

What is your fave song? Halloween

If you could play someone of the opposite sex. Who? Mark Cohen

Rent Movie. Yes or No. I agree with the person who said if they filmed it, with the original broadway cast, and on stage...it would be an amazing thing. other then that everyone will like RENT. posers everywhere. you know how all these little commercial "punk rock" bands are everywhere with there little groupies....i'm afraid RENT could turn into that.

Hi, I'm Liz. 13 years old and from Boston. I saw RENT on June 19 at the Wang with my best friend of the same age, carissa. I met Brian Gligor, he was very nice, and in May i'm going to meet Anthony Rapp, the original Mark Cohen. Hes dreamy.
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[06 Jul 2004|12:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

i sadly am not a Bostonian. . .yet. I will attend Emerson in the fall though! (is that ok?) I love Rent, i wrote some college essays about Rent. . .what a show. I've been hearing bad things about the cast in NY now. Has anyone seen them?

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[24 May 2004|07:26pm]

I got tickets for the matinee on the 19th of June. Hope to see some of you there.
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Hey [13 May 2004|08:15pm]

[ mood | bored ]

A community for Bostonian Rent fans? I smell genius. Hey, I'm Sarah. I have to sadly admit that I have never seen the show but have recently been listening to the cd and can't wait for it to come to Boston. Keep me posted on the dates. ~Thanks

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hey [13 Apr 2004|10:03pm]

If you could be anyone in rent. Who? Mark

Whos is your fave character? Mimi

What is your fave "Scene"? The whole La vie Boheme scene.

What is your fave song? One Thousand Kisses ( reprise)

If you could play someone of the opposite sex. Who? Mimi

Rent Movie. Yes or No. no, jonathan larson was a playwrit and not a screen writer. He epitomizes the new wave of Broadway Musicals. He did not intend for people to sit in a dark dank theatre and sit emotionless from an overcinematic creation of his best work.
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[24 May 2002|12:39pm]

Click MeCollapse )
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[23 May 2002|09:48am]

If you could be anyone in rent. Who? Mimi

Whos is your fave character? Mimi

What is your fave "Scene"? The whole La vie Boheme scene.

What is your fave song? Another Day

If you could play someone of the opposite sex. Who? Mark

Rent Movie. Yes or No. Yes, but they would have to do it like the cats movie. Film it right off stage, but close up, prefebly having the OBC do it. Other than that it would just get commercialized.
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Yay! [22 May 2002|10:01am]

Oh wow I got tickets for rent at the wang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Uhhh [19 May 2002|07:50pm]

So when exactly is rent in Boston and how much are tix?
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Squee! [18 May 2002|04:17pm]

Well despite the shitty weather, there was a HUGE turn out for the gay youth pride day. The parade was rained out. But everything else went on. I got to see Tammy Fay,Melissa Ferrick,Some Real world members, ANNNNND ANTHONY RAPP!! OMG! I got to hang at his table, so I got to talk to him and stuff. And he took pics with me, signed some autographs for me and my friends, and he even let me interview him on camera and even sang(the beginning of rent) he was sooooo nice!
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Hi Linda! [17 May 2002|06:58am]

yay...this is cool...did u know Anthony Rapp is going to be at the gay youth pride march thingy tomorrow?
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Welcome [07 May 2002|10:00am]

This community is just for all you Boston RENT fans. So come on and join!

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